WS Series UVC LED Retrofit Kit

Water Disinfection

Plug and Play UVC LED Disinfection for Water Coolers and Dispensers


  • User-Friendly Integration
    User-Friendly Integration

    Push-fit water lines and wall plug power make it easy to integrate UVC LED-based disinfection into a variety of coolers.

  • Klaran WD Series UVC LEDs reliable
    Reliable, Long Life Disinfection

    Klaran WS turns on and off instantly, providing disinfection with longer and more predictable lifetimes than UV lamps or microbial filter cartridges.

  • Protection During Stagnation
    Protection During Stagnation

    Klaran’s proprietary system consistently protects from bacterial growth inside of UVC LED systems during stagnation.


    Klaran WS lets you add long life UVC LED disinfection to water coolers anywhere. With user-friendly integration features, Klaran WS can be added to existing coolers in the field or new units out of the box.

    Klaran WS is capable of over 99.99 percent reduction of Pseudomonas aeruginosa at 2 liters per minute. Built with instant on/off Klaran UVC LEDs, Klaran WS can operate for years without service in most point-of-use applications while maintaining consistently low HPC counts of dispensed water.

    Product Characteristics

    Flow Range
    0.5 – 2.8 Liters per Minute

    Inlet and Outlet Fittings
    ¼” Push Connect

    106 mm x 166 mm x 69 mm

    Benefits to Operators
    • Reduced emergency service time and costs from mercury lamp failures or cartridge clogs
    • Compatible with many coolers, Klaran WS creates new revenue opportunities for existing units
    • Consistent reduction of HPC in dispensed water builds trust in water quality
    Benefits to End-Users
    • Mercury-free and chemical-free water hygiene
    • Zero impact on the temperature, taste, or smell of water
    • No wasted water or drain line installation required
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