UVC LEDs and modules for disinfection.

Klaran products are the ideal solution for water, surface and air disinfection applications. 

Water disinfection w/ Klaran
Surface disinfection with UVC LEDs from Klaran
Air Purification w/ Klaran

We take a unique approach to understanding our customers’ markets and developing products that meet their specific needs. Klaran strives to meet both your application and commercial requirements- from engineering support that can accelerate product design and development to our ISO 9001:2015 certified high volume manufacturing process for UVC LEDs.

klaran UVC LED products
Klaran UVC LEDKlaran UVC LED

Klaran UVC LEDs

Maximize design flexibility for your unique applications that require powerful disinfection power.

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Klaran WD Series UVC LEDsKlaran WD Series UVC LEDs

UVC Modules

Integrate maintenance-free, on-demand water disinfection with our off the shelf, ready to integrate solutions.

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