Commercial Appliances

Klaran is ideal for
  • Commercial beverage equipment and dispensers
  • Misting systems
  • Steam cooking and food preparation
  • Commercial ice machines
Klaran UVC LEDs for commercial food appliances

Rapid growth in the commercial water treatment industry is propelled by the increase in the number of restaurants, cafeterias, tea shops and fast food outlets.

These companies face the dual challenge of protecting their businesses and their customers, especially in regions where the quality the municipal water supply is questionable.

Commercial Water Purification
Klaran UVC LEDs for commercial water purification

Membrane filtration is a common technology employed to remove a range of contaminants from a variety of water sources. However as finer and finer filter pores are used to eliminate pathogenic contaminants they can also remove the natural minerals which effect the taste and odor that consumers associate with food quality. In an industry where odor and taste are essential to the consumer experience, a more practical solution is to combine particulate filtration with UVC disinfection to ensure water quality.

While the use of UVC is an accepted and proven method of water disinfection, the intermittent operation of commercial water systems used in food, beverage or ice preparation make traditional UVC disinfection impractical. The traditional mercury lamp-based systems require a warm-up time before reaching germicidal efficacy. These systems operate 24/7 to avoid potential contamination during a warm-up cycle, wasting energy and lamp lifetime. This results in unnecessary operating expense, annual replacement of the lamp—both a market and cost barrier.

Klaran UVC LEDs allow for on-demand germicidal performance which reduces operating costs and eliminates UVC LED replacement for the lifetime of the water treatment appliance.

Klaran UVC LEDs preserve water taste and smell while remaining in compliance with food safety regulations. When considering new commercial appliance designs, our UVC LEDs offer:

  • Proven maintenance-free UVC germicidal performance
  • On-demand operation to match kitchen and operational needs
  • Hygiene compliance and food safety without affecting taste or odor



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