Drink, touch, breathe safer with Klaran True UVC Disinfection.

  • Klaran UVC LEDs for Disinfection
  • Klaran UVC LEDs for disinfection in healthcare
  • Klaran UVC LEDs for in-home air purifiers

Continuing population growth and urbanization—projected to add 2.5 billion people to the world’s urban population by 2050—are straining environmental and municipal systems. The results are deteriorating water and air quality and an increasing threat from antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

Klaran UVC LEDs provide efficient, effective disinfection to help counter these threats.

UVC LED Applications

Klaran UVC LED Water Disinfection
Klaran UVC LED surface disinfection
Klaran UVC LED Air Purification
Safeguard families with on demand UVC LED disinfection
Safeguard families with on-demand disinfection at THE point of use

Consistently and effectively deliver pathogen-free drinking water with UVC LEDs. Unlike traditional mercury-based products, UVC LEDs provide non-toxic protection that lasts the full appliance or system lifetime.

Protect patients from superbugs in healthcare settings
Protect patients from superbugs at the point of care

Overcome the rising threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with UVC LEDs. Using UVC for surface disinfection helps combat pathogens like C. diff and MRSA, which annually, account for over 580,000 healthcare-associated infections (HAI), 26,000 deaths and over $1 billion in healthcare costs in the U.S. alone.

UVC LED disinfection to improve air and food quality
Innovate at the point of need

Provide on-demand protection against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens by integrating UVC LEDs into common industrial, commercial and consumer appliances.

dna break 3DNA base pair breakage after UVC exposure

How UVC Disinfection Works

Powerful and reliable LEDs emit UVC light in the germicidal wavelength range (250 nm to 280 nm), safely and effectively killing or inhibiting the reproductive abilities of biological contaminants such as protozoa, bacteria and viruses. UVC LEDs provide a proven, chemical-free solution for disinfection.



Microbial Performance of the Klaran AKR UVC LED Reactor

Microbial Performance of the Klaran AKR UVC LED Reactor


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